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    I'm excited to learn more about trading. I'm a 21 year old college student, actuarial science major (P/1 & FM/2 exams passed) and would like to hear how people got to where they are today. (e.i. What are the fundamentals? What resources did you use? Helpful steps in becoming a good trader?)

    I download Thinkorswim this weekend, this is what I've done today.

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    Erwinanift Guest


    Welcome. Here is a great place to begin. I can't stress enough how important it is to read read read, learn and ask questions even if you feel they are stupid ones. Learn to use the search functionality on this board too. While stocks prices change, the primary focus stays the same. I am almost in the same boat right now. Just started 2 weeks ago to this foreign concept. Just do a lot of searching and use your resources. There are plenty of knowledable people here with great advice and experience as well. Feel free to talk to them.

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    Welcome, SwingKing gave some good advice.
    I do not trade options, so no help to you there...

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    Well my road on the stock market has been 44 years so far. I am far from the average investor. I make quite a bit of money just looking for a gain of 10 to 20 cents a share. I may get in and out of one stock 3 times a day. I am not interested in the long term investment. Not interested in how much money they are making or for that matter what their outlook is. I have about 20 stocks that I look and see how they are bouncing for the day. Today I worked lnkd more than any other. If you are able to bring up a candle chart on it look at in and you will see several " N " that turn into " M ". This is where I make my money. For example get in at 213.00 out at out at 213.20 back in again at 213.20 out at 213.40 etc. Another one I like to play with is .. O I I .. I made a thousand on that stock this month... P N R A is also another one I like. Being able to work stocks like this takes a long time to get to. When I started out I had to of course invest and then cash out after they had finally made me some money. Just keep adding it up and it is not an overnight thing that is for sure.

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    I appreciate your input! Thinkorswim has so many tools I dont even know where to get started. I'm fascinated by all the statistical tools and chart options that are offered, although I have no idea what most of them mean. I have great aspirations and ,just like the rest of the world, want to make as much money as quick as I can -- while trying to be smart. For now, I've got student loans to pay off (no money to lose) so I can't say I have much of a risk appetite.



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