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  1. Default Research and charting tools

    I am new, have been mostly running a simulator and watching the forums to learn patterns. I am curious if anyone has recommendations on charting and tracking programs and some good places to get info, breaking news, etc.

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    www.freestockcharts.com has the best free charting tool available in IMO.

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    May also want to check out http://StockCharts.com free Chart School.

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    Another question, when reading a companies financial statements. I see some numbers are presented as such $1,234 and others have parentheses ($1,234) I assume the numbers in Parentheses are negative numbers?

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    Great website but I feel it makes you jump around alot. When you are on one page it suggests going to another section which can throw you off. Try to read in order, just go down the list. I have also been watching some YouTube videos and picking up some pointers but I take alot of that with a grain of salt because I dont know that the person who posted the video has much if any credibility but some of them DO help put your reading into perspective seeing it done.



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