attached are screenshots in the form of an indicator for a strategy idea that I have been playing with.

I like it on the 2-minute chart with tick-by-tick indicator updates, and intrabar order generation disabled. On the 2-3 minute charts I am then able to use smaller stop-losses as there is less price action per bar.

With as long a period as 700, if you start to use timeframes above 2-3 minutes, trades, and time between trades, perhaps lasts too long for intraday trading, with days when no trades are signalled.

It is a CCI700, with the scaling fixed at -245 to 245. It buy when the price crosses above 0, and sellshort when the price crosses below 0. With these settings, about 6 trades are produced on average per 24-hours, = 2 trades per 8 hour trading session on EURUSD - GBPUSD.

With such a long length as 700, fewer trades are signalled - which suits my approach - fewer trades with more accurate signals.

After each signal at least 20+ pips are usually there for the taking within a short space of time, besides following the flat loss-making - breakeven trade signals.