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  1. Default Looking for a major bank play

    I recently sold my position in Visa and now am looking to get into one of the major bank stocks in the financial sector. What should I look for when evaluating Citigroup, BofA, WellsFargo & US Bancorp?

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    with citigroup I'd wait for it to show some sign of life by getting over $5. I haven't been following the financial sector with most of my money being in the energy sector so I'm not much help lol.

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    I'd look into their fundamentals and see how that holds up against their latest quarterly reports.

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    Bernardenern Guest


    Don't leave out JPM. Its the best one of the group imo. If it breaks out above 48, 60 should come quickly. Wells FarTgo is just along for the ride. Compare the JPM and WFC charts. But WFC is a bit cheaper thus the percentage gain is better.

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    id either go C or JPM

    JPM is safer long term bet, citi could make a big jump fast



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