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    Just wanted to comment on the left-right translation phenomenon. Bear sell offs are typically faster and more violent than bullish rallies as fear is a more powerful emotion than greed.

    Typically when conducting cycle analysis we would expect to see a peak in a bullish cycle be right translated (peak is right of center) as new comers to the rally pump money in and existing greedy holders wait just a few extra periods to sell thus delaying supplying the market with shares. We can look for clues as to when a bull market is turning bearish if the bullish cycles begin to left translate as this signifies holders are becoming more anxious to unload shares and thus less confident in the continued path higher. A strongly left translated cycle would most commonly be seen in a bearish sell off or a bear market in general as there is little confidence in upward momentum and therefore a rush to dump shares all at the same time for fear of losses.

    In sum, if you're primarily seeing right translated cycle tops odds are upward momentum will dominate, emerge, or continue and if you're seeing left translated cycle tops you should expect downward momentum to takeover or persist.



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