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  1. Default Counterfeit Textbooks

    Hey I think I got a counterfeit DSM 5 off amazon.
    Now I dont care that it is counterfeit cause it all looks the same and the price compared to an actual one is crazy!(thats what makes me think its fake)
    I’m just wondering if any of you have expierience and kind of tell me if all the content is generally the same in these knock offs

  2. Default

    Why do you need to buy textbooks when you can find a pdf online and download it to your tablet?

  3. Default

    Usually thats what I do but not all of them are online and some arent as cheapThis one I got cause I’m going into the field and should have a copy for myself just not willing to pay the $122 for it

  4. Default

    Can't you borrow it and scan it? Or can't a bunch of you buy it collectively and then scan it?

  5. Default

    Yeah, let's not scheme on how to get around copyright law. $122 for a textbook was on the cheaper end.



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