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  1. Default The Technology Thread

    We have a very good science discussion thread over here, but we've never had a thread just about technology. So I'm just going to start one.
    I'm hoping that here people can discuss all things tech, from the history and impact on human society, to new advancements, to just general thoughts and questions that you might have.
    I'll get it started by posting this very interesting article on the history and development of stealth technology that led to the F-117 Stealth Fighter. The program was originally code named "Have Blue".
    Worth reading if you like this kind of stuff:

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    I can see this being turned into another Net Neutrality thing tbh.

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    Feel free to shout me if it gets hijacked, lol.
    I want this thread 8D

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    So, what ya people think about the F-35? Been hearing it's op as hell, but way too expensive and with lots of design issues. Think it's worth it?

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    dolbozomb Guest


    For those interested in the history of the Space Race, what happened to the Soviet Space Shuttle (the Buran) is a very interesting and sad story. What remains of those shuttles are left to decay and eventually ceases to exist (one shuttle was destroyed by a roof collapsing on it). The images and video of these shuttles are amazing.

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    27% of millennials say they would date a robot. Gross



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