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Thread: Advice Needed

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    I am asking for your advice on what I should do. I am looking for some serious input here and hope you can help me.

    I have two situations and both are good but I am unsure what the heck to do here.

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    408 shares of GE @ $15.30 putting $6,242,40 into it.
    256 shares of IP @ $24.41 putting $6,248.96
    362 shares of PFE @ $17.26 putting $6,248.12

    I had shares of KFT and sold after the split into two companies and did a few minor trades that yielded more profit and finally added 375 shares of YHOO @ $16.71 and sold off P which I bought for $7.75 and sold for $10.49

    With the 3 holdings above I have them all on dividend reinvestment from day 1.

    My holdings are now as follows:

    GE 429.477 shares value $9,680.41 up 45.17%
    IP 269.283 shares value $11,552.62 up 72.72%
    PFE 379.667 shares value $10,444.64 up 57.13%
    YHOO 375 shares value $7372.50 up 17.65
    $5875 cash

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    I have some really nice gains and really have no idea of what I should do. I know I need to ring the register for certain but how much of it?

    My second situation involves another 401k rollover into an IRA which I opened 5/09

    I purchased 750 shares of MO @16.84 total in $12,630

    With dividend reinvestment from the get go I now have:

    940.074 shares with a value of $32,131 which is up 83.7%

    I only have one other holding in this account which is a small position of $5200 in AH and I am down .31%

    Again with MO I am up HUGE and need some advice.

    I am 45 years old and do not contribute to either IRA. I am currently unemployed and I monitor the accounts daily. I chose these stocks on my own as I do with all of my trades. I was burned heavily by a broker that managed my second IRA and turned 52K into 15K, thus why only two positions as I felt MO was a long term winner and I was right.

    I am open to all suggestions and will answer any questions I can.

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    >>If these were your IRA's what would you do?<<

    If they were my IRA's I would have you trade them for me.

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    I don't trust anyone else with my money either, pulled my 401k's into an IRA that I manage. But I'm only 24 years old so it's a little under 10k now. As probe said though, I would have you trade them for me hahaha. Seriously though, if you've managed such huge gains thus far why are you looking for outside opinion on your options? My opinion is to sell off AH while you're even. Their financials are declining (2011 vs 2012) and their chart looks like it's setting up for a decline as well.



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