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Thread: Labor Day

  1. Default Labor Day

    ..or Labour Day to the Canuks in the crowd...

    I'm a few days early with sending best wishes for a happy, safe and enjoyable Labor Day, but I hope to be enjoying myself thinning some more trees and burning the slash that I might forget over the weekend. Best to all.

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    Burning slash You guys must have gotten some monsoonal action that wet thing down pretty well. I know we sure have. Have a nice Labor Day or Labour Day to the Canuks in the crowd... Question: Do you get to do double holiday??? Or like around here Labor Day is just labor day...

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    We celebrate both, work 2x as hard; but they do occur on the same day.

    We do try to celebrate Boxing Day in our own way though. Google "Boxing Day".
    Same with Canuk Thanksgiving. Everyone loves a turkey.

    We had the 4th wettest July on record and August has been pretty good too as far as rainfall. :
    ) I love it when we can walk across a pine needle covered slope and not hear the crunch - crunch - crunch that is more or less normal.

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    Same here - taking advantage of the wet season we have had in NM to cut and burn slash. Lots to do, and I just learned how to sharpen the chainsaw chain. Everyone have a safe weekend!



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