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  1. Default So... Noahs Ark and the Great Flood...

    Did the great flood really happen? I have some interesting facts relating to mostly the Flood.

    . Many of the ancient flood stories include a leader with a name strangely similar to the one used in the Bible's account---- Noah. Among them are: Noh, Nu, Nau, Nuh, Manu (Ma means water, Nu means Noah, Manoa (Noahs waters), Menne (Sioux for water) and far more

    . The chiniese word for "boat" is a combination of 3 ancient symbols: "Vessel", "Eight", and "Mouth", which together tell the story of 8 people saved by a boat.
    .The Timaeus of Plato, written c.360 BC, refers to the great deluge of all.
    .The summit of Mount Everest is composed of deep marine limestone, with fossils of ocean dwelling crinoids---- at nearly 30,000 feet above sea level.
    . Whale Skeletons have been found at 440 feet above sea level north of Lake Ontario, 500 feet above sea level in Vermont, and 600 feet above sea level in the Montreal-Quebec area.
    .In 2003, Ohio state University scientists drilled ice cores in the Peruvian Andes that indicate a global climate change may have occurred approximately 5,000 years ago.

    Well, what do you guys think of this?

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    As far as there being a flood that devastated a civilization, sure why not. But when it comes to things like the flood covering the entire world, 2 of every creature being saved on the ark etc, not so much.

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    Popular estimate for the Ark is 100,000 square feet (Over a million cubic feet). That means the Ark could have held as many anomals as almost 600 railroad cars (Almost 130 cheep can fit into a single decker sheep car). Also, keep this in mind, no need for aquatic animals. So the estimated tally is around 16,000 animals. Scholars also pointed out that if Noah included 2 of every kind of animal, he needn't 2 of every breed. So he actually could've fit all of them but it would be extremely tight.

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    i agree with everyone above me, but my ex gf will tell you that it actually happened.

    all i know is that parts of the bible are true. in genesis the part about the 4 rivers is true. you know that the tigris and euphrates is there but at the mouth or sourse [depending on which way the water flows] there are two dried up river beds flanking off either side where the rivers meet the gulf. archeologists ahve foudn those. calgary hill where jesus was said to be crucified at exists. but unless you show me physical proof that such and such existed, we will talk but until then stifle it. thats what i say

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    The great flood has even appeared in old oral stories such as Gilgamesh, so it very may have been true. Although, not sure aobut the whole world seeing how our ancestors didn't even know the world was round and not flat till the 1400's. lol

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    Actually, there is some speculation that people believe that the world is still flat. Hmm... we will never know for sure unlesss we actually go up into space.



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