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  1. Default Tradingedge. Anyone else tried their service?

    Has anyone else been using their recommendations?
    They trade currency pairs and S&P
    At the moment their service is free but I don't know if is another pie in the sky.
    I have been following the live signals for few weeks and I have to say they are doing pretty good.
    I was using the Dowindicator service but they have done badly the past year.
    Please advice

  2. Default

    I have also been tracking Dow Indicator and a company called Which Way Today.
    Both of them haven’t been doing very well so I started searching the internet for something else when I came across tradingedge.co.uk in December.
    I went straight to their past performance like everyone else and was quite impressed.
    They haven’t been posting very long; I think they started in October last year.
    I registered for free and have been receiving their free trades via email.
    The only problem is I am not always around to receive their emails so I have missed a few trades.
    The good thing is they are sending out these trades entirely free for a number of months as they say to prove themselves. Then they are going to offer a text service for a fee.
    If I were to receive texts then I wouldn’t have missed a trade.
    I am going to keep watching for now but I think I might have a go for a month and see what happens.

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    I have just been in contact with Trading Edge via email asking some questions about there site.
    I asked why there haven’t been many trades recently and they said that because they have been testing and updating the site it has taken up there trading time and starting next week they will be trading full time.
    I also asked why they don’t have a free trial period. It seems that a lot of you have asked the same question and when the site goes live in the next few weeks they are going to offer a 2 week free trial.
    When that happens I will have a go myself.



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