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    RFMK has too much going for it for me to post all in one sitting, but I will tell you our most recent update is RFMK has a new vaporizer in development and our spokesperson Cheryl Shuman was just interviewed on Fox Business' Varney&Co the other day. Also I have to mention that Tommy Chong endorsed RFMK's vaporizer in an interview held by Cheryl Shuman.

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    So don't let the market cap fool you, big money on the side lines here we're loading up for a huge year this is ground level price on a ground breaking stock check it out we bounced 300% last month.

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    The marijuana sector started rocking this year with Washington and Colorado legalizing recreational use of marijuana, MJNA, HEMP and several other marijuana micro-caps exploded nearly 1,000% or more in price.

    Attached picture is Tommy Chong smoking the old vaporizer developed last year by RFMK, with Cheryl Shuman AKA the Martha Stewart of marijuana!

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