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  1. Default If there was UBI in your country would you still work?

    Poll: If there was UBI in your country would you still work? (11 votes)

    Yes 82%
    No 9%
    Maybe 0%
    Poll 9%
    If there was UBI(Universal basic ignorance i mean income) in your country, would you continue to work? Assume that:

    • You still get paid for working and you still get the UBI money
    • The amount of money you get from UBI is substantial for living

    I'm just curious. It seems like something some nations might do. I know some nations are unlikely to do it but just use your imagination. Though since most of you are old you don't have much of one JK

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    Probably, especially if I were able to get one of the (quite a few) jobs I wanted, and as long as I didn't have to work a completely crap job. This assumes I was younger and wasn't disabled (I'm medically retired now).
    Betting my ASS off a good 20 to 40% of people wouldn't though.

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    UBI would have to exceed like...80K a year or something, for me to not have to work where I live. So yeah.

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    Unbalanced bologna iguanas ?

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    Yes. The last thing I'd want is to be a sponge who lives at the expense of tax payers.

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    I like my work, so yeah. And staying home all day makes me depressed.



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