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  1. Default What is the worst movie of all time?

    This is the (best) worst movie of all time, in my humble opinion.
    What are your views?

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    Yeah if you're basic :P
    Let's take a trip to Hawaii

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    Hawaii is nice and all, but this takes the cake. Nothing like a movie being made on a bet.

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    It's hard to venture into worse of all time since some: mostly horrors and 'the apocalypse' is nigh type films go into the 'so bad it's good category' and they become entertaining e.g Sharknado, Wrong Turn (4 in particular), so they're not bad anymore because you don't remember them as bad, you remember laughing your a*** off.
    So for this I'd choose films which have legitimately pissed me off with how bad/dumb/pointless/shock value-centric/ all of the aforementioned combined and say:

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    I tend to shy away from movies I know are going to be crappy beyond entertainment value, so for me the worst movie of all time is 1991's Nothing But Trouble. It thinks itself to be a mainstream comedy similar to some of the hits or misses from the time, but it's just smug and revolting throughout. Now, I haven't seen 2011's Jack and Jill, but that too looked to be about as bad as Nothing But Trouble.



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