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  1. Default FREE - break out stock

    FREE made a higher high today and pulled back. The stock is worth buying (day trade only) if it breaks higher tomorrow. If it opens lower tomorrow, then just ignore it.

    My target for this stock is 10-15% with 5% stop loss, not planning to hold the stock overnight.

  2. Default

    Were watching FREE in chat when it broke out today. Had very nice volume behind it. Will see how it plays out tomorrow.

  3. Default

    If it opens lower tomorrow, then watch for the red to green move to long it. I wouldn't buy a breakout persay on this one, its already up big. I know several big name traders who are shorting the spikes the this. It'll get a lot more than 10-15% if opens weak and tears higher. If it gaps up, then I'm looking to short it into spikes like everyone else.

    Like Doodman said, covered in chat, and I traded this myself, got in on Tuesday and sold into the run today. But I do agree this is only worth day-trading now.

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    The stock opens lower and keeps trading lower now, so I will probably ignore it. I like to short stock patterns like HEAT during intraday, too bad there weren't any shares for me to borrow yesterday and the day before on Scottrade.



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