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  1. Default Beating NYSE - portfolio

    In this thread I would like to prove that beating the street is not rocket science task as you keep strictly to your rules.

    In each post I will share performance of my portfolio compared to benchmark indexes - Dow Jones Composite Average, NYSE Composite and S&P500 for previous round. At the beginning I allow myself to present some historical portfolio. After that I will share with you the performance in real time on biweekly basis.
    Buy and sell prices are day open prices from the beginning and the end of the round days.

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    From what it looks to me. You've taken a bunch of losses. Only sold once above what you bought and that was less than 1% Sure you're holding on to some plus but why did you sell some of those other stocks that were down over 10%? Just wondering considering you were a buyer at the higher price? Wouldn't holding them be better for the rebound?

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    core aim of my strategy is to beat market indices in mid and long term. Only complete list of shares in portfolio represents the Beating Market Indices strategy. I fully agree with you that some stocks wasn't a good choice but such loss is included into core aim of strategy. It is strongly not recommended to assess the strategy on selective basis. I hope that you find attractive as we go further.

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    The 2nd round brought 1.91% growth of our portfolio. It’s the best result so far. The BMIndex outperformed Dow Jones Composite Average (-0.42%), NYSE Composite (-1.61%) and S&P500 (-0.95%).
    The fourteen of twenty shares contributed to growth. The highest contributor is Hypercom Corporation which belongs to my portfolio from the beginning. I have decided to sell four stocks before round 3 started – CNH Global, Ferro Corporation, Nam Tai Electronics and Stillwater Mining Company.

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    You are absolutely right. 'Beating NYSE' indicates that the strategy operates on stocks quoted on New York Stock Exchange. Please treat it only as the Headline.
    I compared my results to benchmark indices like Dow Jones Composite Average, NYSE Composite and S&P500.



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