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Thread: Ibgh

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    What's going on with this stock?? Only .65 right now? What caused the hit and what seems like a good entry point? I'm considering buying this. They produce Drank.

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    EDIT: it just shot up to .80. what's going on

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    This one could be a hidden gem. Looks like interest is picking up. I noticed the bid kept moving up last Friday (.019) and someone gave in and bought at .024. 70m shares out. 22m shares in the float, it moves very easily. From what I can tell the company officers have never sold any shares since it's inception, and those shares are still restricted. They were profitable in the third quarter last year, and the Annual (with will show the 4th quarter sales) will be out sometime next week.

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    Bid is now up to .02, but no takers. Somebody is very slowly chipping away at the ask at .024. The expectation is that the annual will be out this week, though it could come out later.

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    It's keeps moving up. .025/.033.



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