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  1. Default $SONS - stock on my watchlist

    what in the hell is up with this play? some people are saying itll go and do it again... this thing went to .50 cents today for HUGEEE gains some people made millions... im not sure if itll do it again, the ask is at $5 trading at .0001 again wtf lol i think it may be worth putting 20 bucks into lol as it would have made me 100k today...

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    I'm sure it was one mistaken trade, and will be cancelled. If anyone made millions, someone else lost millions. Obviously some glitch in the trading, this thing isn't even worth the 0.0001 it usually gets.


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    interesting, I have no clue what happened... but it was at .50 for like 4 hours....
    and a day and 2 prior the ask was at .50 by a MM

    edit: somebody called.... "I called and talked to a Schwab rep. he checked and said there was a in house trade. RCCH is still in a Global lock down and can't be traded. Whatever happened was neither good nor bad for investers

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    No one 'made' millions because they couldn't sell. You gotta stop listening to the crap people blow out their ass on ihub. It's going to make you a stuckholder in a bunch of pos stocks if your not careful.



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