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    Anyone have any experience with wattstrading? I have lurked around the boards for quite sometime whilst enduring my endless learning curve and been inundated with offers of overpriced systems and snake oil. Now I'm baffled if a method at this price can possibly any good. Is it pure human nature to only assume that expensive has to be good? Being as a lot of the commercial methods discussed on here can have a price tag of up to 5000 attatched, this seems too cheap to be true. Please no lectures on hard work, we all have to start somewhere!

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    It's a very good method...trades with the trend on pullbacks to a moving average...quite sound and I have learned from it. (there's a little more to the method than just a retracement setup, but I'm not at liberty to give it all away)

    I also like the fact that Mr. Watts (a trader who claims to successfully trade in lots of 20 contracts of the NQ) is readily available for discussion via email. He seems willing to help and provide whatever input/advice is needed.

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    I wonder if these boards are just here for holy grail merchants to promote their systems by testimonials. I am waiting until I make about 20 posts before posting my sales web site!

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    Here we go again, fair comment as I often think the same way. Try reading the iron clad super-cynic derogatory postings on Elite Trader if you want a laugh. This is a board for discussion on commercial systems remember and there are no reviews on this book anywhere, just caught my attention as it seemed to be the exact opposite of a 'holy grail merchant' I'll read it and find out for myself.

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    well i ordered his 2 courses and i am paper trading just the scalpin method now ,, it is simple and working,,,he also posts his wins and losses for all to see ,,, he will even return your e-mail questions ... hey what do you have to lose ,, its only 30.00 dollars ,,, im sure youve spent more than that on just lunch ,,, give it a try ,,, remember what most of the big boys say as well...



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