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  1. Default Tick Trader Course by David Marsh

    Has anybody tried David Marsh's Tick Trader course on emini trading?

    Would appreciate any feedback or assessment thereof.

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    I'd like to know what people made of this as well. He's stopped selling it now. Says he makes about $1,500+ every day...hardly any losing days. Seems a bit "too good to be true". ?

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    AlexMl Guest


    Have you guys tried it out? Sounds like lifestyle is a key attraction - more than the points or the money - double money back guarantee - did you need to take it up?

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    Does anyone has it? Please drop me a msg to let me know if you have this one.

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    well for a guy how makes money every day as he claims, and had no need to sell it anymore so he stopped selling it, he has now restarted selling again so must mean he needs the money!!!! go figure......., oh and i have it and lets just say i do not trade it!!!!! enough said!!



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