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    (Not sure if I can put this here, if not, move it for me mods!)

    I called a short on Bitcoin around $1,100 a few weeks ago...now it's at $650. What do you guys think about this cryptocurrency and it's future?

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    I think it's about as valuable as digital currencies in games: i.e. a way for people with too much real money to get ahead of people that get ahead by working for things.

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    The idea is great but I do not think it will be implement as a worldwide/online currency. I have many concerns on the valuation, quantity available, security etc. So I'm staying away from it...

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    Well, I don't know if Wolf saw the most recent episode of "Almost Human" on TV on Monday, 12/16/2013, where the people paid using BitCoin, which, in their version of the future, was completely untraceable and a preferable method of payment among criminals.

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    The banks won't let this thrive, money is their business. They'll copy Bitcoin or find some way to make the government regulate it to the point that it's utterly useless. Security will be an issue too, only a matter of time before somebody hacks it.



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