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  1. Default Lindsey Stirling vs. Emilie Autumn

    Lindsey Stirling vs. Emilie Autumn (25 votes)

    Lindsey Stirling both rounds 48%
    Emilie Autumn both rounds 4%
    Round 1 - Lindsey, Round 2 - Emilie 8%
    Round 1 - Emilie, Round 2 - Lindsey 4%
    I hate them both. I also hate you. 16%
    I'm here for no reason, but want my voice to be heard nonetheless. 20%

  2. Default

    Lindsey <3

  3. Default

    Lindsey for not looking like a freak.

  4. Default

    I don't know who any of these people are.
    So I guess you can assume what I voted for.

  5. Default

    That's kinda mean-spirited and closed-minded.



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