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  1. Default Bracketed entry?

    Is there any way to place 2 entry orders, one long and one short, simultaneously, in NT so that one could catch a run in the following direction?

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    what will you do with the trade thats losing you money; keep that running..so you bank your profit and you have an equally sized loss to deal with?

    That will likely depend on your broker, but to get around it, you could have one trade as the cash price, and the other as the future but you might want to think about the answer to the first.

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    Actually, the idea is to place both orders (one long and one short) with stop losses of course. So even if the price begins in one direction, then turns to stop me out, what I am hoping to capture is the strong run in the returning direction with the other order. I'm referring to placing this trade at the open of the market, where one can expect a decent run in one direction or another.
    Please help me to figure out the flaws with this.



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