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    Default Delays on Trump Agenda Temper Investor Expectations

    It has become rather clear this past week that President Trump has grossly miscalculated his ability to change things up in Washington with the kind of speed a multi-billion dollar merger can be put together

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    Irrigationrgq Guest


    President Trump quickly is walking back and dialing down on most of the populist issues that won him the election while playing chicken with Syria and North Korea, without any sort of key coalition building. For a guy who ran as a nationalist, he sure is looking more like a global “Lone Ranger” every day.

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    The flip-flopping on domestic issues and the rattling of sabers means investors are having to recalculate rapidly how much of the market’s current condition to price in these unforeseen elements of newfound risks. What’s the new time line for health care reform, tax reform, infrastructure spending and deregulation? The only thing the market is sure of is the current spending resolution expires on April 28, after the U.S. government reinstated its so-called “debt ceiling” in March. Do not worry, though, in the short term. It is complicated to explain in a short column, but the government will be able to continue to operate pretty much as usual until sometime this fall.

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    Aside from the daily policy changes at the White House and the government’s funny money approach to paying its bills, the U.S. economy continues on a path of steady recovery, albeit with a couple of notable misses. The March employment situation showed that the U.S. economy added only 98,000 nonfarm payrolls that month, missing the consensus for 180,000. The unemployment rate fell to 4.5%, however, well below the consensus forecast of 4.7% and the lowest seen since the financial crisis. Average hourly earnings grew by 0.2% month over month (2.7% year over year), suggesting that wage pressures remain contained.



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