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Thread: TSM on the rise

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    Picked up shares of TSM this morning at $11.27. I see this one going much higher.

    Your thoughts ?

    Taiwan Semiconductor's 65 nanometer technology will be ready fairly soon for increases in production quantities, which should boost average selling prices. Management has indicated its intentions to spend a large portion of the capital budget on capacity for the new technology wafers, which should become a substantial portion of revenues by the second half of the year. Following that, the company's 45 nanometer technology should provide growth to the company in 2008 and beyond.

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    Taiwan Semiconductor ought to continue to diversify its end customers. Although the company still does a majority of its business with North America, it should accelerate growth in China as the technology economy ramps up there. This will increase sales and profitability for Taiwan Semi, which has a plant in Shanghai.
    Taiwain Semiconductor's stock is timely. The stock's solid share-price and bottom-line momentum make this a good selection for the year ahead. It also has above-average appreciation potential out to 2009-2011, based on moderate earnings gains over that period.

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    Taiwan Semi replaces Samsung as the manufacturer of Apple's new processors. Sets a fresh ten-year high on the day.


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