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  1. Default TOBIN's Q ratio

    Anyone heard of this before? Just listened to a piece about it on Bloomberg; basically a Q reading of .3 is needed to signal a bottom in the S&P500. The current reading is .7 which indicates another 55% downward move in the index.

    The Q ratio is based on whether it's cheaper to buy the company or rebuild it from the ground up, very interesting.

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    I read this guy as saying that the failure of the stimulative efforts will result in a flight from U.S. assets--including equities. Therefore, he sees the inflation first and then the (devastating) deflation. A slightly longer-term view, but is it more accurate?

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    I thought the interesting part was that according to the Bloomberg piece, in each of the previous recessions the Q ratio had fallen below .3 before a recovery took place. However the view this time is that the number will not be reached until 2014, which makes it hard to believe that we will be in a slump for 5 or 6 years. I could see the potential for the S&P to drop to 400 but not over such a long period of time unless this turns into a depression.

    It only took a year for the indexes to drop 40%+ and with the volatility we've seen this year, a drop of that magnitude shouldn't take too long if it's going to take place at all.

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    Look at the years after 1933 though, can we hope for the same?

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    I don't think so; in the '30's this whole game was run by the upper class folks, this time around we have a lot of regular joes in the game and immediate access to global events. The age of technology works against us in some instances.

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    According to Doug Short's presentation Tobin's Q is at levels often associated with past market tops.


    For more info on Tobin's Q:





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