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  1. Default Be Careful Of This Key Level In AAPL

    I think you're over analyzing. Every stock did good in Sept, and it's no indicator of anything more than the market doing what it does.

    I own hundreds of shares of AAPL. I enjoy the divs, as well as the panic spurred roller coaster that adds to my advantage. AAPL is going to have a monster Q1 report in Jan. The fact is they have a beta of 1.21, P/E of 13.34, an EPS of 44.16. Basically saying; they can ride out any storm and still earn. So it took a nasty dip--so what. I see $710 a share somewhere Dec. Much more in Jan and Feb. Going long on Apple is always win-win.

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    Until it isn't.

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    New analysis claims what I said all along. It's risen $40 a share since last Friday and it's only going to go up from here. It's been insanely cheap for months, and it's showing as it begins to go back up. I made my call on the idea those dumbasses in the Fed would get the cliff fixed by early Dec. Didn't happened. Keep an eye on it from now on.

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    Needs to get above the decline downtrend line to give a glimmer of hope from a technical perspective. Anything else is a bear market rally. Would like to see this followed by the RSI(14) breaking above 65-70 since 60-65 is often the ceiling in bear mkt rallies.

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    I'm not arguing the fundamentals of AAPL. By nearly every metric it is cheap. However, as laid out in the following thread at some point it boils down to the fact everyone owns it and there's no one left to buy and drive the price higher.




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