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    AlexanderIU Guest

    Default If you could be bonded with any one of these

    If you could be bonded with any one of these (29 votes)

    Guyver (Favorite Version) 21%
    Venom(Or any of his family member symbiotes) 72%
    Just want to see results 14%
    If you had the chance to either find a Guyver Unit or the Venom type alien Symbiote, which would you want to be bonded with?
    You can pick which ever version of each is your favorite to be bonded with.

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    AlexEPi Guest


    Venom but I want Toxin

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    AlexeySuh Guest


    I'm assuming that I can't get the gigantic? Also does it have to be Venom or can it be any of the symbiotes?

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    alexstrJato Guest


    Actually for both you can be any version, including any of the other symbiotes.

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    Alfonsophemi Guest


    I'd prefer a Guyver Unit, live action movie version even.

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    Definitely Venom...been a fan of him for as long as I can remember and how it'd be super cool to be bonded with it.



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