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  1. Default New to trading, looking for advice.

    Hello, I am trying to learn day trading and would like to hear any and all advice. So far I have started an account on Scott Trade, purchased a book that outlines the basics of day trading, and have joined this forum. I do have a couple of questions already and hopefully someone can answer them. First what is a good amount to start with if I am interested in penny stocks to start? I am sure whatever one can afford to play with but is there such a thing as too little? Secondly I have been browsing penny stock options and have found one that is at 1.33 per share right now. Although ten years ago is what at around 2200 per share. Now it has made nothing but a decrease but is there a reasonable possibility that it will make a comeback? Thanks

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    Airbladeamm Guest


    Are you looking at FREE?

    There is NO chance it will ever see $2200 again. That price is shown because they have completed several "reverse spilts" over the years causing the historical prices to all be adjusted for the split.

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    Airblademwb Guest


    The company dilutes over time by selling discounted shares to the 'financiers'. The financiers sell their cheap shares causing the price to go down. So the company completes a reverse split and starts the cycle all over again. It's the only way they've been able to stay in business.

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    Ok for "any and all advice" here is my perspective. First I stay away from penny stocks. There are hundreds of good solid companies out there that have been in business for years that are well worth investing in. I also have a scottrade account. I have been with them for I guess about a year and have been in the stock biz for over 40 years and day trade. I have a large account and only look for a 10 to 20 cent gain in stocks to make my profit. I deal in volume and not in price of stock. A thousand shares of any stock with a 10 cent gain gets you 100 dollar or 200 dollar profit the way I work it. You do this 2,3 or 4 times a day you see what you can make.



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