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    AnatolEn Guest

    Default Interesting Movies

    I'm interested in Psychological thrillers that have pretty awesome twists at the end and would just like a few recommendations.
    I've watched;

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    Andreriz Guest


    I'll get back to you on this; I have to go through my whole movie list lol. Have you seen Black Swan?

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    I've seen Black Swanbut felt it was lacklustre. I'd probably need to rewatch it considering I was about 15 at the time it came out.

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    andrewNoncigs Guest


    I think it's good when you really analyze it. The whole movie is basically Natalie Portman's character (Nina I think), having a psychological break. She's so busy trying to perfectly portray the White and Black Swan that she becomes fractured, having vivid hallucinations--including actually becoming the black swan. Mila Kunis's character basically represents what she needs to be in order to play the Black Swan. In the end, she "fights and kills" Mila, only to later realize she was literally fighting with herself. And the last act--the suicide--ends up being just as much reality as it is performance.I can't think of too many movies lol. Maybe try:

    1. Side Effects (2013)
    2. Gone Girl
    3. Hard Candy
    4. The Prestige (wouldn't call this a psychological thriller, but it's really good and there is a twist at the end)

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    Andrewjew Guest


    That's a pretty good analyzation. I'll definitely rewatch it.
    I've also watched The Prestige and the twist was pretty good.
    Definitely will add the others to my list, thanks.
    'Enemy' is a great one I'd recommend if you haven't seen it yet.



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