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    alvinvw69 Guest

    Default The Best Trading System I've Come Across...

    in 20 years of trading. I'm not associated in anyway with this group, but the service and the trading system that they show you everyday is very, very impressive. Go to www.cfrn.com to sign up. This group shows you the monthly profits it's making from their system and after you listen to them for awhile, you will know that they are not hiding anything. They are christian based and happen to have a great trading program. I don't think you can get the results this group gets anywhere. If I'm wrong, please let me know.

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    AmadoFauce Guest


    Hmmm - tried to click link but kept getting failed results to link. Can u double check link reference again pls?

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    Amarricquola Guest


    May be something on my end - but my system/IT network is pretty robust across all global markets and websites so far...

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    Amazonnneck Guest


    Thanks for sharing the lead for us.

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    Amazonnnhiy Guest


    I know this sounds like the usual hype that is posted in this forum over and over for years, and people do get totally carried away with the intent of just selling someone something, but I think anyone in this entire forum and all it's many categories would be hardpressed to find a better trading system than what these guys have to offer. It's amazing. I hope many of you will check this out and post your feedback to confirm my high praise. The crazy thing is that these two guys don't really do anything to make their system public and try to make money off it. There are people checking it out for sure, but it's mainly from word of mouth from those that do visit and find out how good it really is. All I can say is check it out. And I apologize if this sounds too much like a quirky promotion of some method or system that isn't worth a ------. It's definitely not.



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