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    AlfredDisee Guest

    Default huge mistake in nikkei? newbie trader

    Hi everyone, my name is alan , im from italy and im new in the forum , also im new in the stockmarket trading.

    I might have made a big investing mistake recently so i would like to receive some advices from you and share my experience:

    It all began when i got somehow my hands itchy by reading lots of news about the constantly growing market of the videogames (besides am an it guy and i have been somehow into computers and games for 20 years).
    I had previously saved some cash and as I recently been sort of cut off the market due to the economical crisis, i have decided to try making money online.

    I have read a short online guide for dummies on how to invest in the stockmarket and i couldnt wait to try it for real.

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    My budget was around 20.000u$ and finally, during the first week of February I picked 2 stocks from the nikkei market in tokyo stock exchange, CAPCOM and SQUARE ENIX. This is why i picked them: after studying a bit the graph of the two companies I have noticed that the price was very very low probably after the recent hit of the financial crisis of september last year, and since then i saw they have been loosing all the way until now. I know the videogame market is in strong growth plus those two companies are constantly pulling out new products (games) in the market which are always selling big time. So i thought that it might have been the right time to buy! And so i did it. 10.000$ of capcom and 10,000 of square enix.

    I bought them when they were at (1652 JPY capcom) and (1731 JPY square enix), and i thought of keeping them for few months as i knew some new very very good games were about to come out in the market, and sell them right away once they reached around 1900 JPY, ( to make around 3.000u$ dollar profit).

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    Alinnnaaa Guest


    Unfortunately my calculations went kind of wrong (at least until now) as soon after february, the japanese market was hit by a huge financial issue so my stocks fell...
    2) moreover, to worsen my situation , one day i just suddenly realised that when i bought these stocks the exchange rate between CHF (as my bank account is in CHF) and JPY was something like 0.11 and now it's around 0.21 which means that for example if i sell now i would loose something like 900 $ only for the loss of the chf against the yen!

    Sorry for being so long in the explanation , but anyway, right now i dont know what to do and i am kind of lost.
    Should i sell now and just losse those few thousand dollars and take it as a lesson for my stubborness or should i wait some more time and hope that either the currency exhance and my stock price will get better ? How do you guys see the market future for the nikkei and in particular if you have any thought regarding those two stocks of mine?

    thanks a lot in advance for your advices and reccommendations.

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    AliaHoort Guest


    how come no one has an opinion about this ?
    a feedback or a comment to help out a beginner like me ?
    supposingly i am learning throughout my mistakes...

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    I am not giving you advice. I am not a professional trader.

    If your confident that these companies are not going to go bankrupt and that they are highly competitive in the game market then you should consider your options.

    Look at the markets. You can see that they have all crashed, it hasn't been this bad since the great depression in fact it is worse. This a historical moment and it isn't confined to America it is all around the world.

    It might get worse but it will get better.Some Large corporations are posting large profits higher than 2007/2008 and yet their stock price is a much much less than 2007 maybe half what it was and in some cases a mere fraction.

    There is a financial crisis at the moment and we will not see the highs and lows that we have seen in the last year or 2 for a very long time.

    That said if these companies are making a profit and you bought them at a very low price then its logical that you should at the very least break even. When you make a profit maybe a few weeks months or even a year.

    You a gamer so you know better then anyone else what the gaming market is like, if you think that the game market will be profitable then you have nothing to worry about. The financial turmoil will eventually change direction. If you a confident gamer just relax and let the world recover.



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