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    Ailiveradequola Guest

    Default Strategy tools.....

    I am happy with my broker(s), but doing some research for a relative and I figured it is a good time to see what the other brokerages are doing or have changed over time.

    This would be for an investment account that has tools with the ability to develop some strategys for swing trades. It also need to offer a decent amount of instruments as decent per trade cost.

    Anyone have comments on Schwab or td ameritrade or any other mainstream type of broker and platform.

    Thank you in advance!

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    Ailonickequola Guest


    TD Ameritrade bought out Think or Swim and I've always liked the ToS platform. If you're interested in advanced analytics and setting up your own automated trading program then the only way to go is TradeStation. TS is second to none for the advanced trader.

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    Airbladeduk Guest


    Some interesting features of Schwab's Street Smart Edge with chart pattern recognition looks interesting.

    Anyone using this?



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