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    aaamarxdenxcp Guest

    Default Options - Swing Plans

    This thread is for discussing medium term trades that are high probability using options only.

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    Aaronopede Guest


    This is an example of Doc's OptionsMD trades and results for 2012. Keep in mind Doc's interest is simply generating "some" income (1%) per month. So obviously, this is not a sole source.

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    Aartestimi Guest


    The teaching offers a "job" income. But that doesn't mean a trader can't choose to increase his/her profits buy making multiple trades in multiple or the same account.

    2012 IncomeRx Trades & Results

    January 2012 (monthly income = $1380) SPY 138/140 Bear Call spread
    SPY 104/106 Bull Put spread
    SPY 135/137/139 Call Butterfly
    SPY 104 Vega Hedge puts
    SPY 110 Put Calendar Spread
    SPY 122/131 JAN/FEB Double Calendar
    SPY 126 JAN/FEB Put Calendar
    SDS 22 Covered Calls
    SSO 48 Covered Calls
    SSO Underlying Call-out
    SPY Weekly Options positions (2)

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    AbdullalFlosy Guest


    I'm curious, is it safe to say that "swing plans" will be directional trades?

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    abadabiast Guest


    No. Not necessarily, although they can be. The type of trade isn't what makes up the swing. It's more about the duration of the trade. I would define it simply as a duration of holding the trade for longer than a week, and more likely a month or two. OptionsMD defines weekly trades as "low probability" with higher risk. The 2 month trades are "high probability" with more defensive measures imposed.



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