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  1. Default the simpsons new season is pretty badass

    the simpsons is really perking up, though it can never contend with seasons 1-10 and 14-18, it can easily challenge family guy, American dad (still okay, didn't change much but a bit stale), and recent South Park.still is among the best shows available.
    this isn't an ad, just a suggestion. if your feeling bored, or just need to laugh, you definitely should watch it.

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    Alina777zeks Guest


    If I still watched Fox then I'd check hehe

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    AlisacreeraSuike Guest


    It is the funniest thing on the FOX Animation Domination lineup. It used to be Bob's Burgers..but that's not as funny as of late.

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    Aliseviact Guest


    The only reason I would watch it is because you compared it to seasons 1-10 and didn't put it ahead of that...you would have lost credibility from me if you did but I will watch it this coming Sunday since I have nothing else to watch.

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    why not? fox is petty cool. and actually, just for you guys, I can do a PM thing, like, give you the date time and channel of when the next Simpson show will be on.THE SIMPSONS SEASON 25 EPISODE 19:
    Airs Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 27, 2014 on FOX



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