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  1. Default Uncertainty between stock markets

    Hi everyone,

    Im trying to keep on studying stock trading and have recently enrolled into some stock trading game.That game has a limited number of instruments in some rather small and unknown stock markets like: Vilnius, Riga, Tallin stock exchanges; Stockholm A-list; Helsinki main list; and some major Russian stocks.

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    Aeracedig Guest


    As i have no experience in any of these markets and very little experience in trading overall, is there any way to distinguish the best market in terms of liquidity and price movement for mid/long term swing trading?

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    Adrian12342 Guest


    if any of you have any trading experience in these stock exchanges and could give me some advice. As i know a bit that Baltic states have pretty much dead stock markets.

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    AdwkupAdowl Guest


    You should abandon this game and find one that has US stocks or European stocks or some other exchanges that have decent volume and volatility.

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    hhhmz.. you see Martin, each extra $ you gain in that game exchanges into a point. Aaaand you can get pretty decent prizes like macs or ipads and other stuff, which gives some extra boost even when my main goal is to broaden my knowledge. Im also trading futsee shares that have some decent volume.
    Anyway, thanks a lot for a suggestion!



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