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  1. Default Trading Fundamentals (Multi-page thread

    These are the events that move the markets and therefore imho be of the utmost importance.
    They may come in the form of official announcements or current events. Particularly the big players such as the US, EU and China are of special interest.

    So let's have a look at today's calendar and what do we see ?

    The US is going to make a Rates announcement.

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    AKrasnovKa Guest


    An excellent calendar is https://www.forexfactory.com/calendar.php

    Today is a BIG day with lots of US action. Will the Fed move rates etc. ? That is THE question. All the USD pairs are likely to move substantially but be careful of the move being priced in already and the big boys taking profits !

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    Akmeounsum Guest


    Thank you for enlightening us and leading us to the Holy Grail.

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    agrohimzin Guest


    I have to be a little apprehensive re my long-term EUR/USD long. That said, on daily forex charts, I've tried to back-track and pick out "blind" the dates when various economic event interrupted or reversed a trend. Its honestly really hard to do. It just seems that the market is usually effective at anticipating events and "pricing in" the impact.

    I'm reading that a fed rate hike tonight will lift the $ (because that's what classically happens) and that it won't (because it didn't last time).

    I'm sitting tight at the moment.

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    Alberkahip Guest


    Yes it is not easy.
    Other effects probably should have been factored in too ?
    I have got software that analyses the situation automatically. It usually gets it right but not always.
    For instance it is already up 1% today ( on my demo ) account.



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