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    Agrovedadarp Guest

    Default What filters to use to screen swing trades?

    I know that a lot of people use fundamental and technical indicators when considering swing trades. When using a stock screener to narrow down which charts you will examine for swing trades, which fundamental and technical filters do you use?

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    Airbladeamm Guest


    I use Full Stochastics (14,3,3) being oversold < 20 for any stocks at the bottom of a channel. I also look at volume and the Exponential moving averages.

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    Ailongerquola Guest


    Some stocks with a high dividend yield will have a price run-up starting about a month prior to the dividend. Either way you win. Run-up or nice dividend.

    So stock screener and then screen for stocks by dividend yield. Then look at the past year.

    If they have a history of paying 2 cents dividend, then the last dividend was suddenly 80 cents, I avoid that.

    Rather I look for consistent dividends. Like Q1 50 cents, Q2 49 cents, Q3 55 cents, Q4 60 cents, etc.

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    Airbladecls Guest


    I look at stocks in play, which generally means the stocks have some fresh news on them making them interesting trading candidates.

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    Airbladeehc Guest


    These stocks have above-average volatility and volume and increased level of institutional activity.



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