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    AntonioJaw Guest

    Default E Signal GET Edition for Forex, Stocks, Futures

    Hi All,

    Please can I have some feedback on E Signal GET Edition and the trading System and Success rates on the Trades.

    Elliot Type 1
    Elliot Type 2
    XTL Breakout
    XTL Continuation

    Currently I have attended 4 Hour Seminar and was quite Impressed but the Price is quite steep and also they are giving a 30 day trial but there seems to be no actual testing done on the system or active feedback from current users. They have demonstrated the system in real time which was a plus but wanted feedback
    as they also have 3 months mentoring in the price.

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    why have you got a coach/mentor badge under your name,is that a mistake.

    IMHO its not worth it,you need to learn to trade yourself and be honest what did that two hour live session actually teach you.Did they call any live trades out,i doubt it and if they did maybe one..Esignal is a lovely bit of kit,but the add ons wont make you the money and there are cheaper alternatives.

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    Sorry What do you mean by why have you got a coach/mentor badge under your name,is that a mistake. ??

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    Aogqhrh Guest


    at the bottom under your name,if you are not a coach/mentor then you need to change it

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    Apatrickref Guest


    At these seminars they always shows the trades that work. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

    Dont waste your money on rubbish like this.



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