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    AnnaApokEDO Guest

    Default Who will win at UFC 226 Stipe Miočić vs Daniel Cormier

    ho will win at UFC 226 Stipe Miočić vs Daniel Cormier (7 votes)

    Stipe Miočić 71%
    Daniel Cormier 29%
    Draw 0%

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    AnnaDurova Guest


    Stipe is gonna destroy him. I'm surprised they made this fight, but I guess it is interesting and will bring hype that the UFC desperately needs right now.

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    Annarinboymn Guest


    Man I love Comier but Miocic is heavier and is extremely skilled in wrestling and boxing.
    A good big fighter usually always beats a good little fighter.

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    Annepors Guest


    dc is a natural heayweight with a ridiculous chin and skill, he should be able to grind a decision
    hard to bet against miocic after the last fight
    dc has little edge for me

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    Annotationsfem Guest


    DC is the GOAT.



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