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    AndrevvRox Guest

    Default What's your favourite wine?!

    d) 14% Merlot (red) 0%
    Cabernet Sauvignon (red) 14%
    Shiraz (red) 0%
    Chardonnay (white) 14%
    Rielsing (white) 0%
    Sauvignon Blanc (white) 14%
    Pinot Girs (white) 0%
    Pinot Grigio (white) 0%
    Rose (pink) 0%
    Moscato (sweet wine) 14%
    Champagne (bubbles!) 0%
    I hate wine! 14%
    Other (specify) 14%

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    Andrewcex Guest


    Honestly. It really depends on what I’m eating, or making. If I’m not pairing it with a meal or cooking with it I’m not a big wine drinker.

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    AndreWing Guest


    Sauvignon Blanc

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    Wine is just old grape juice, except nasty.

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    AndreyMoila Guest


    More of a rum or vodka guy, but I'll go with Moscato



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