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    Amazonnnkxy Guest

    Default What is a trading system?

    I've seen the term "trading system" in may threads and articles.
    Is the term "trading system" imply a procedure in which a person collect data, analysis the data using indicators, then draw up a strategy (or several strategies), the make a trade, then wait until right time to come and sell and make profit?

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    Where should I start to create my own trading system (specialized on trading options)? or where can I find and adopt someone's systems to apply for myself?

    (Note: I'm sorry for my blunt writing, I'm not a Native English speaker):embarassed:

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    AmontobiHut Guest


    Yes, a trading system is just the strategy you use.

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    Amazonnnoyv Guest


    I would start by learning how to read technical analysis charts. You need to understand moving averages, support, resistance, etc. This way you can understand if a stock is doing well, or has hit a bad spot.

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    Here's an example of a trading system. Start with the 10 largest stocks on the NASDAQ (US Tech stocks). Read about each of them so you have an understanding of their business, at a high level. If the 5-day moving average crosses above the 20-day moving average, buy the stock. If the 5-day moving average crosses down below the 20-day moving average, sell the stock.

    That's simple, but it gives you an idea of what a trading system is.



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