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  1. Default Is there any services that provide free data subscription?

    Hi experts,
    I'm a 19 years old newbie to the trading world. For the past few months, i've been digging and learning about the basics of trading. Now, I want to practice trading stock and option (with virtual money) by using charts and technical analysis. I've searched and downloaded several programs such as MetaStock, TradingSolution 4, and J Stock. Unfortunately, I got the programs but I don't have any registered accounts for the data subscription (database update). Signing up for a subscription is basically unaffordable for me because I just graduated from high school on June - I don't have money.
    Are there any free database subscription out there? if yes Can anybody suggest me some please! IF no, what should I do?:?:

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    Alvinaapege Guest


    You can download free end-of-day data from Yahoo Finance. There are a few other sources as well.

    And there are trading simulators out there that would allow you to practice in real-time. Investopedia has one, for example.

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    Amazonnnajl Guest


    You can sign up for a demo account at MB Trading. If you're going to open up a real account their commissions aren't too bad either.

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    alvinvw69 Guest


    :top: Thanks for your recommendation, I am currently trading in the Investopedia Sitmulator. And I am current using QuoteTracker (without an account) to practice my analysis. Generally speaking, I still have to learn more about patterns, charts.... But I'm willing to take my time on those, because I'm just 19.

    Doublereed: "You can sign up for a demo account at MB Trading."

    Sam: For a demo account, do I have to deposit an initial fund into the account? :confused2: Most of the brokerages require a $2500~3000 minimum initial deposit, and again, I don't have that much now. :mrgreen:
    Also, I found out that Scottrader only requires $500 deposit for a standard account, and their commission rate is as low as $7/trade. Therefore, it would be my first choice if I choose to open an account.
    Anyway, thanks for taking your time and giving your feedback. I will come back with more questions along my way digging into trading world.

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    Amazonnncff Guest


    You can get a free paper trading account at thinkorswim. They have all of the data you would need there. It's not a "data feed" that you can pump into your other programs, but it display data graphically.

    If you want a dataset to crunch numbers, yahoo historical prices is where I'd go for free data.



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