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  1. Default MRIB.pk - Marani Vodka

    What I know about it is it's a real company which seems to be struggling but it seems to be coming back to life!

    MRIB was reinstated recently and new resident agent is recorded with the Nev SOS with no amendments to change the current SS

    with this O/S MRIB has traded in the 40 cents range 2 years ago on speculations only !!! now the company is back to life with PRODUCTION+ DISTRIBUTION

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    Alekseyalusa Guest


    MRIB is not a speculation anymore but a confirmed global presence

    on 14 Feb.2012 13G/A was filed showing Up a big financial institution Gam holding increased their position in MRIB: http://www.otcmarkets.com/edgar/GetF...lingID=7726694

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    Copied straight from an Ihub post back in November 2011 - 6 months ago.

    Note the price spike back in end of October/ beginning November? This is when these guys played it. HDOGTX is a well known pumper on the Ihub boards and has lots of sheep following him blindly into any play. When he posts, the pos stock he covers usually goes up. But usually they always continue lower long-term.

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    AlenaKissot Guest


    MRIB has been claiming this vodka product for years and has yet to really do anything with it. Some have suspected MRIB is just a dilution share selling scheme for the CEO.

    MRIB - Buyer Beware. Careful with this one Redbull

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    AlexaaNus Guest


    You could be right. I just don't see why they would go to the length they have gone to simply to sell shares. Also to be honest, I see no shares diluted during the trading day. Anyone selling is a retail selling giving up on it to move their money some place else.

    Yes I did copy it because it was the facts I wanted to present.

    I would do the same for another company, ELTP which I believe is so much better than MRIB by leaps and bounds.. why, because I don't understand the technical of the DD but I can pick up when something is a good investment. I don't want to make another thread for ELTP as I have already created a thread recently and clearly I am not good at it. Maybe one already exists anyway. Just know this-- today it's 14 cents a share.



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