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    AlbertBagob Guest

    Default AAPL - How high can it realistically go?

    I've been in AAPL for awhile, so I have seen some GREAT results from them. However, how much is too much? When will this stock see a major pull back, if at all?

    It is trading at 582.55 right now after another 3.6% increase. I know Apple products are selling like hotcakes still, but is their time running out, or am I just being a skeptic and getting nervous?

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    AlbertGot Guest


    Any advice/discussion is appreciated!

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    Albertohon Guest


    From what I have read... Analyst are between 650-960 range....

    I personally think it will hit 750 by the end of the year... I look at it this way... One of the most profitable Companys out their, with a 16 p/e ratio... One of my favorite stocks, which has made me $$$ is TSCO... they have a 29P/E Ratio...

    If they pay dividends, a bunch of new buyers come to the table... Alot of Mutual funds only buy stocks thay pay dividends... Price goes up...

    Apple might show some short term corrections, but for the next couple of QTR's, I am extremely bullish... In the account I hold it in... its 50% of that account. Please note, I always move my stop loss's to about 3-5% of high... If it tanks... I still keep most of my profits.

    if you are worried, pull some profits off the table and set a stop loss order...

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    Aldar777hap Guest


    Discuss the parabolic nature of AAPL's price action here:




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