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  1. Default Stocks For Beer Trading (Chat) Room Information and Special Offers

    Forget hopping around websites looking for ideas. You've found a great forum here. Now you will have the benefit of being able to talk live with other traders about happenings in the market, get trade ideas, and share your own trade ideas right here at the OTF.

    Many of the SFB Chat Room members found my website from this forum, so what better way to make it easier on everyone than to just have it right here.

    Along with the move comes a new name: "Stocks For Beer Trading Room" whereby a link can be found in the upper right hand corner for members to get in and talk with everyone.

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    AdwkupAdowl Guest


    Interested in becoming a Member? Besides having access to our trading room and speaking with full and part time traders all day; here are some of what you can learn by joining:

    • Rules of trading a cash account vs. margin account vs. pattern day-trader
    • Understanding Momentum Trading
    • Volume & Liquidity vs. Low Float Trading
    • Swing Trade or Day Trade? What stocks are suitable for each.
    • General Risk Management Strategies
    • Beginner's Tips
    • My favorite chart set-ups
    • How to scan for stocks on the move
    • How to do fundamental research on an OTC stock in-depth
    • Sub-Penny Stocks - Gambling at its best. Keys to finding them early.
    • Pumps & Dumps - how you can profit; includes a list of legitimate promoters,.

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    SFB Traders Chat Room members will also have access to:

    • Chart images to learn from/possibly trade, live in action, right in the chat room.
    • List of Former Runners to know, as they usually come back around.
    • More "Chart Plays" than just the few free ones I post on the forum.
    • In-Depth Watchlists that discuss how we might trade a few of the stocks on the "Daily Watchlist"
    • Previous Day Chat Transcript Logs
    • Exclusive Members Only forum to discuss chart set-ups, de-brief your own trades; ask questions; which includes one on one help from a full time trader.
    • Excel Spreadsheet to quickly calculate a stop loss level
    • Excel Spreadsheet to track entire portfolio for those with more than one broker.
    • Live Webinars and access to the transcripts of previous Webinars
    • Trade Videos discussing previous trades, and future trade ideas.

    The Best part is I offer members one on one coaching via private message, email, or even over the phone. If your willing to learn and have the drive to be successful, I'm willing to teach.

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    Aeracedig Guest


    Now how much is this going to cost you? With this much material available and your ability to get one-on-one coaching; I should charge $199 per month. But, since the SFB Trading Room is on the ground floor, and I'm a nice guy looking to help others; it's only $40 a month! For just the cost of a few trades or a dinner for 2 at a decent restaurant you can be trading along side other trades who are just as motivated as you are. Heck, if you aren't making money, I'll spend a few hours of my time helping you get on the right track. If you still aren't making money, and can prove it; I'll give you your money back within the first 60 days. So what do you have to lose? Trade beside a full-time trader, chat with other traders, and get a ton of material to help you succeed.

    To celebrate our new home, you can get your first month for just $10! After that it's only $40 a month/$100 a quarter/$350 a year depending on the package you choose. Think of it this way, instead of a two week free trial to only try the chat room, just $10 gets you the chat room access and all of the extra benefits for a full month!

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    agrohimykf Guest


    Please note: If you believe that you will become rich overnight playing one penny stock, only have $200 to trade with, or are in a serious debt problem; then this chat room/ program is probably not for you. I want serious individuals who are willing to put effort into learning what it takes to be successful in the stock market. This is neither a get rich quick program, nor a penny stock pump festival. It may take a few months to truly get the hang of it, but I and many other traders have been in your shoes, and are ready to answer your questions. I am not a financial advisor; just a trader looking to help you. If you want to invest rather than trade, you're better off speaking a qualified professional in that aspect of the stock market.

    That being said, I look forward to the opportunity to help you become a successful trader and hope to see you in the SFB Trading Room!



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