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  1. Default DIGX is could be a huge bounce play this morning!

    DIGX is my Hot New Day Trade Alert! I believe DIGX could be just what we're looking for on a possible technical rebounce leading to a quick pop that may give us an opportunity for a very high gain!! DIGX has slowly pulled in the last couple days and seems to be ready to turn around.
    DIGX is the perfect setup for a Day Trade! Please note that on May 1, it jumped 100% gain in one day. In addition to a perfect setup, DIGX has just released a few exciting news! So please pay a very close attention on this one right away.

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    addemaenendy Guest


    DIGX is a Las Vegas, Nevada based marketing company who operates through its wholly owned subsidiary Get Down Art. DIGX specializes in apparel, graphic illustrations of worldwide famous artists and brands, and branding intellectual properties. In addition, the company licenses and publishes open and limited edition art. They are well established, having produced significant revenues, and currently have several exclusive agreements in place including those with Elvis Presley Enterprises, Marley and Co., Hendrix Original Art Expressions, and many more that have the potential to generate enormous revenue. More investors will absorb the news last Friday that could result in a very strong green day for DIGX.

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    acagefaurgy Guest


    DIGX also has its own giftware and apparel line, “Sin City Kitty”. Sin City Kitty is a breakout female lifestyle apparel brand that is based on DIGX’s trademarked kitty with naughty devil horns. Sin City Kitty is one of DIGXs most successful brands and continues to grow each year.

    Below are several additional highlights that make DIGX an exciting situation:

    • DIGX is constantly expanding their distribution through new outlets and getting their products to more and more consumers each month. DIGX recently signed a licensing deal with Loft International expanding Sin City Kitty apparel to Brazil, South America.
    • The Company also announced that they are in the development of Sin City Kitty Vodka which is set to launch in early 2012.
    • DIGX holds rights to sell and distribute a 100% natural dietary supplement for the usage of recovering from hangovers called “The Hangover Recovery Shot”. This Warner Brother licensed “shot” features an individual character from the movie series “The Hangover”.
    • DIGX’s licensed art includes those acquired through agreements with the Bob Marley Estate, Elvis Presley Enterprises, Hendrix Original Art Expressions, David Garibaldi and Stephen Fishwick!
    • DIGX’s featured Artists have produced artwork for top corporate names such as The National Football League, Microsoft, Apple, Coca-Cola, Volkswagen, Honda, Anheuser-Busch, Disney, Busch Gardens Florida, San Diego Padres and National Geographic to name a few and is officially licensed by Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc.
    • DIGX has had seven titles in the over 600 Spencer’s Gifts Stores during the 2011 holiday season and has recently sold the world-famous artist Stephen Fish wick's “Watch Tower” poster to Spencer’s Gifts
    • The management team at DIGX has over 100 years in combined experience… During those 100 years they have turned several sales and marketing companies just like DIGX into $100 MLN per year operations!
    • DIGX has signed an exclusive publishing agreement for the rights to sell and distribute the largest collection of psychedelic artworks of one of the greatest guitarists of all time, Jimi Hendrix.

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    AdiusMetty Guest


    DIGX has an aggressive business plan as they are constantly licensing new brands and artists to their already impressive lineup… and DIGX is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon!

    So I highly suggest you put DIGX on your watch list immediately! This could be a very good opportunity for high returns in a short hold period. DIGX is currently trading at a very attractive entry point of around $0.02 per share, DIGX has plenty of potential for gains and with its strategy for rapid growth, DIGX could realize that potential very quickly!
    It is time for a bounce play!



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