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    Alfredkib Guest

    Default searching strategy weekly target 50-100 pips

    Hello friends,

    i m new here, but i need a good strategy, can u help me?

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    Hello dareking and welcome.

    Can you give a little bit more information, eg: what are you trading, indices, fx, commodities equities etc, what timeframe do you trade etc.

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    alishajc4 Guest


    Buy when it's going up. Exit if it stops going up. Short if it's going down. Exit if it stops going down.

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    Alica44193 Guest


    imo for newbs a good place to start is to find levels in the most liquid instruments where you know people will definitely trade and have a fight over where price is going next. The easiest levels to use to begin with are yesterdays high and low, when price reaches these levels a significant amount of order flow WILL enter the market guaranteed. Try and design a strategy around this with sensible stops and targets.

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    As already mentioned, levels and momentum are a good starting point.

    Weekly targets may work for some, generally though I'd suggest
    that annual targets are more relevant if any.
    No rules though, some people do use daily or trade targets.

    As far as targets go, instead of capping the upside with targets,
    cap the downside with daily loss and drawdown limits.
    Thats just my view though.
    Depends on you, capping weekly, daily or trade profit
    is more likely to maximise accuracy efficiency,
    although profitability may suffer.
    By maximising profitability, accuracy is usually lowered.
    You don't have to be right to make money.



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