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    Default Does High-Risk Entrepreneurship Beat Strategic Investing?

    “The business of investing is not the same as investing in a business.” — Mark Skousen, “The Maxims of Wall Street”

    I spent a day in Las Vegas last week, but not to gamble. I was there to speak to the Las Vegas Investment Club.

    It is not a typical investment club that discusses stocks and bonds, but one that focuses on unique opportunities to invest in start-up companies that really make money. These club members are venture capitalists, not passive investors in the stock market.

    While I was there, the president of the club handed out checks to a dozen people who had made a handsome profit from the latest venture. They had big smiles on their faces.

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    I always tell my students (I’ve taught at Columbia and Chapman Universities, among others) that there is more than one way to climb a mountain. Some investors prefer to put their money in businesses, while others trade shares in the stock market. There are pros and cons to both strategies.

    But there is no doubt that the vast majority of people who made the Forbes 400 Richest List do it by investing their time and energy into their own businesses. Even those who made it on Wall Street did so as money managers (like Warren Buffett, Ron Baron and Ken Fisher).

    But being a high-risk-taking entrepreneur is not for everyone; in fact, for most people, you are better off investing in other people’s successful businesses –- and that’s the stock market.

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    Airbladeqme Guest


    “International trade agreements benefit both nations always.”

    “The only way to end poverty is to create entry-level jobs. Lots of them.”

    I just finished listening to Nike founder Phil Knight’s memoir, “Shoe Dog,” and found it riveting. I grew up in Portland, Oregon, so I loved the story of entrepreneurship even more. We always had envy fever with Seattle up the road, which was famous for building Boeing airplanes. Portland was always the little brother. Today, Seattle is also famous for being the corporate headquarters of Starbucks and Microsoft. Now, Portland at least has Nike! (But that’s still about it.)

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    At the end of his autobiography, Knight talks a little politics. He is deeply concerned about the anti-trade mentality being promoted by all the major presidential candidates — Trump, Sanders and even Clinton. (Hillary is no Bill Clinton, who signed NAFTA). “I do believe that international trade agreements benefit both nations, always,” Knight said, pointing to the North American Free Trade Agreement. “Everybody’s railing on NAFTA now, but since 1996, when we signed NAFTA, the gross national product of the United States has risen three times. Do we really think it would have gone up more than that if we didn’t have trade agreements?”

    Knight also talks about the time Nike tried to raise wages in one of its Asian factories (I think it was in Indonesia) and was reprimanded by government officials, saying “We can’t have shoe makers making more than medical doctors in our country! The people would riot!”

    Later, he makes an important observation in the fight over the minimum wage: “The only way to end poverty is to create entry-level jobs. Lots of them.” That’s the problem with the minimum wage law. It discourages entry-level jobs.

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    I’m happy to report that the Las Vegas Investment Club will be at this year’s FreedomFest to share the group’s success story by presenting a fascinating session called “Fire Your Financial Advisor: Invest Like the Top 1% Who Have a Proven Record of Success!” See details below.

    By the way, members of the Las Vegas Investment Club were fired up about FreedomFest (which is only one month away). Fifteen members signed up on the spot, and seemed excited to do so. Come join us! Check out the details below about new speakers, panels and debates.

    And for those of you in the stock market, take note that I am doing well with the diversified Forecasts & Strategies portfolio in my monthly investment newsletter. Stocks are down a bit recently, but gold is up, so we are doing well overall. I am particularly pleased with a gain of more than 30% in a recommendation I made about four months ago to benefit from the rise in gold prices. Despite all the talk of a collapsing stock market by George Soros and Carl Icahn, and all the financial terrorists, Wall Street is not a graveyard. In fact, in my latest research, I show readers where they can make money no matter who wins the upcoming presidential election. Follow this link to learn more.



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