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    Arnottyzr Guest

    Default Do you believe in Global warming?

    Do you believe in Global warming? I personally do, but I know that some people don't, so i made this to see whether you guy's believe or not. Before anyone possibly asks yes I got the idea for this thread after seeing trump's tweet.

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    Arrigrak Guest


    It's definitely real.

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    Arthursnoro Guest


    No, science is a weapon invented by the liberal media to assassinate Jesus.

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    ArthurEraby Guest


    It blows my mind this is still a matter of debate for Americans. If in the UK a politician ran on a platform of global warming denial they'd get laughed out of the room.

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    ARTfams Guest


    No, of course not.
    Global Warming is a bullshit conspiracy formulated by the Rothschilds family and Bilderberg world elite (who control the liberal media) in order to raise taxes on the common man so corporations can get wealthier.
    But that's just the first phase of their plan.
    The second phase is to subjugate the people and establish a New World Order dictatorship in every country so they can enslave humanity and put us into work camps.
    Eventually they want to reduce the world's population by nuclear holocaust so that only the elite remain.
    Only through praying to Jesus and fighting for the Constitution can we stop the Illuminati.



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